Taco Bell, Exit 218 area of McDonough to see upgrades in near future

McDONOUGH— As part of revitalization efforts of Ga. Highway 20 east of Interstate 75, the existing Taco Bell site will be demolished and upgraded to a more modern design more in line with standards set by the city of McDonough.

“We are having a revitalization effort with a focus on mixed-use development configurations, pedestrian mobility, and streetscape improvement upgrades,” said McDonough Community Development Director Rodney Heard during the Thursday council meeting.

The design and plan will also tie into the city’s plan to connect the South Point area, west of I-75, to the downtown McDonough Square by implementing more cohesive design standards and sidewalk requirements.

“We’re now setting the patterns on the east side of Exit 218 in conjunction with the transportation improvements that will then have connectivity to the town Square,” Heard said.

The Georgia Department of Transportation has plans in the works to widen Ga. Highway 20 to four lanes toward the McDonough Square, inclusive of sidewalks and multi-use paths.

A Race Trac gas station will be also be constructed in the current months on undeveloped land adjacent to Taco Bell, 1025 Hampton Road (Ga. 20).

The Taco Bell rebuild case will be up for consideration by way of a rezoning request. The property is currently zoned C2 (central commercial) and is seeking a C3 (highway commercial) zoning designation, as updated city zoning codes no longer allow for drive-thrus in the C2 zoning district.

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